SC East Division Derby Rules


1. Car Kit. The only authorized car kits that can compete in the South Carolina Derby Classic are the Official Royal Ranger Derby Kits from Gospel Publishing House Item numbers: 18MR7540, 18TW7541 or 187573.  Any car made with a Pinecar or Boy Scout kit will be raced in the Outlaw category.

2. Race Car Specifications – Standard classes.
a) Overall width not to exceed 2 3/4 inches.
b) Minimum inside dimension (width) at wheels 1 3/4 inches. c) Overall length not to exceed 7 1/2 inches.
d) Overall height not to exceed 3 inches.
e) Minimum ground clearance 3/8 inch.
f) Total weight not to exceed 5.5 ounces (*Note change from 6 oz).

3. Race Car Restrictions.
a) No washers, bushings, spring suspension, or bearings may be added to wheels.
b) No loose materials are permitted.
c) Weights must be fixed to the car using a proper method (i.e. screws, epoxy). Weight cannot be taped onto the car.
d) Cars must be freewheeling, no starting attachments or propulsion systems allowed.
e) A racecar may only be raced for one year in standard class.  Cars may also be used one year additional but must race in the Outlaw class that 2nd year. We are asking all outposts to build new cars for this special North/South Derby race. Remember blue point #3 Honest.
f) Each car will be allowed to register in only one (1) category per level of racing during a racing event. Also, participants are only allowed one (1) car in their specific category, and one (1) car in the Outlaw category.
1) Category defined as Ranger Kids, Discovery Rangers, Adventure Rangers, etc.
2) The level of Racing is defined as Outpost, Division, District, etc.

4. Lubrication. May be any commercially available (i.e. Wal-Mart, Lowe’s, Home Depot, local hardware store, etc.) lubricant. Race cars with oily residue on the race wheels will be required to wipe the wheels down to prevent oil on the track racing surface.

5. Wheels and Wheelbase.
a) Wheels must be as supplied in the kit, no alterations permitted. (Minor sanding of wheels to remove imperfections is allowed.)
b) Wheel base must remain as received in the car kit. Wheelbase is defined as the distance between axles. The only Wheelbase alteration allowed is changing the depth of the axle slot in order to modify the ground clearance of the car. The car must still conform to all specifications in Rule 2.

6. Inspection. Race officials will inspect cars at registration and will disqualify those cars that do not adhere to these rules. Those cars that pass inspection will be impounded. Once a car is impounded no modifications, lubrication or adjustments will be allowed until the end of racing.

7. Food. No food or drink is allowed near the track, inspection area or car impound area.

8. Track. No one is allowed to cross the track at any time, except race officials.

9. Loose Parts. Cars which lose parts during a race, except a wheel, may not have that part re- attached. The car shall be taken to any Derby Staff for evaluation. The Derby staff will make a determination if and what work will be allowed on the car. The car owner will have 5 minutes to make the allowed repairs under Derby staff supervision. Under no circumstances will anyone be allowed to add lubrication to the car.

10. If a car comes off its track during the race this car will be allowed 1 rerun during the entire race event. The race round will be reset and that race rerun.
a) Should the same car run off its track again during the race day no rerun will be allowed and that car will be disqualified.
b) Any car knocked off its track by another car is not subject to this rule and will be allowed to rerun that race.

11. Attendance. Attendance is mandatory in order to participate in racing. Derby Staff will determine whether a car will be allowed to race without the registrant in attendance.

12. Outlaw Class. As the name implies, this is a class in which you can use all your ingenuity and imagination. The class is open to anyone. There are a few simple rules to follow.
a) Car Kit, Rule 1 is waived, any car kit may be used, or the car may be built from scratch.
b) Race Car Specifications, Rule 2 are waived; however, the car must fit on the track, and run on the track without interfering with other cars, and meet (f), (g) and (h) below.
c) Race Car Restrictions, Rule 3a, is waived.
d) Wheels and Wheelbase, Rule 5, is waived, however, the car must fit on the track, and run on the track without interfering with other cars.
e) The car may not be entered in another class.
f) No car shall weigh more than 32 oz. (908 grams).
g) No car may be more than 3′′ in height.
h) The total allowable distance from the front nose of the car to rear wheel may not exceed 8 1/4″ and total length may not exceed 10′′ in length, in order to fit on the starting gate mechanism of the track. (“Clearly a Wingnut rule 2019”)
i) A car may ONLY be run for 1 year in Outlaw class.    See 3e.                                                                                              j) All other Royal Rangers Ranger Derby rules apply.

13. NO ONE other than race officials may handle a car during the race. If a car comes off the track at the end or the sides, a race official will collect the car to determine if any damage occurred. If anyone other than a race official picks up a car that car may be disqualified and/or the person who handled the car may have their car disqualified.

SCRR Derby Rules and Guidelines 02/11/2019 Updated Outlaw length (h) G.E.


Also proposing a “Freelance” (Exhibition) class for some crazier, outside the box designs… not competition for awards, but for bragging rights only. This would include things such as bearings and mild propulsion devices, so long as they will fit properly on the track and under the finish line.

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